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*We don't accept any sites with pornografic content or sites that supply information of sites like this kind.

*We don't accept any sites of hacking or harmfull that can cause damages, or sites that encourage this types.

*We don't tolarate obscene language or injuries added to the other members of this comunity.

*We dont accept obscene titles or descriptions to submited sites.

*Our services are free and they will allways be.

*Administrators have the right to suspend or ban definitively sites that are suspicious or if they are found with unwanted content.

*We are frequently review submited sites for unwanted content.

*Every ip is stocked in our database for secure issues.

***Users who don't obey the rulles and they are caught with any dangerous things that can violate or affect our site in any way, they are submited to the general fraud of internet security along with his ip, and we take evryting is necesary to send them to the justice court of country law.

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